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Policies, procedures and job descriptions: Maintaining a good fit

Even though January is a few months off, many of us think of September as the start of the new year. Along with back-to-school shopping, this is a good time to make sure your organization has everything it needs for a fresh start after summer vacations. Children and organizations both grow over time; just as children outgrow clothes, organizations outgrow policies, procedures and job descriptions. The traditional pencil case of my youth needed new technology each school year—pencils, erasers (especially erasers), paper and, eventually, a protractor and compass. For organizations, technology that once worked well may no longer be up to the job.


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What strawberries teach us about organizational excellence

In French markets, strawberries have different varietal names and different flavours—some sweeter, some tarter, some richer. In North America, they are just strawberries. I recently set out to discover just what those strawberries are that I eat in the spring and summer months. Along the way, I realized that the principles followed by the strawberry industry apply to all organizations.

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Communicating change to fellow humans

Change scares most people. This is true even if the change is supposed to make their lives better, largely because humans approach change from a risk perspective more often than a benefits perspective. They are more concerned with what can go wrong, rather than what can go right. So when it comes to organizational change, internal communication has to be done right to avert disaster.

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Taking care of business: Building a sound model that fits

Articulating an organization’s business model is not an everyday occurrence. Most days everyone is too busy doing the doing. Every organization has a business model, regardless of whether the organization is a company, a non-profit or a government program. Once your organization has identified the business that it is in, it’s important to flesh out the model to ensure that all the elements are in place to support success.

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