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Telling your organization’s story

“Tell me a story.” When I was growing up, this was something I said almost daily. Like people, organizations also have stories to tell, and others are eager to hear those stories. The audience may be employees, customers or clients, shareholders, potential funders, community members or taxpayers. Here are some key considerations in telling your organization’s stories.


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Making the most of social media

In the two years since I first wrote about social media, the question has gone from “How do I use social media in my business?” to “How do I get the best bang for my buck with social media?” To some extent, the answer must depend on your goal; some social media tools are better suited to certain uses than others. There are also some general principles—such as not ticking off others. But how?

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Social media: Time waster or valuable business tool

Social media is often seen as diminishing employee productivity. However, social media can help organizations increase staff productivity, save money, build their customer/donor/volunteer base and meet strategic goals. So for those Baby Boomer and Veteran managers who have not yet embraced social media, here is a brief primer on business applications and benefits of social media.

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