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A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…and a Few Statistics

Most people find it less overwhelming to interpret results in the form of a picture rather than in the form of numbers. But just as certain numbers—or statistics—provide particular types of information, so too, certain types of graphic representations are better for certain types of data.


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Statistics You Need to Understand

Whenever I mention statistics, I generally see two types of reactions; either eyes glaze over or register panic. It’s even worse if I use the word probability. (So I won’t.) People have an irrational response to that most rational of decision-making tools. While statistics can get very complicated, most people can get by with just a few key statistics.

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Finding the “Truth”: Using surveys to find out what people really think

In a world where people feel surveyed to death, it is becoming much harder to get people to give organizations answers that will help them make good decisions. But until somebody invents a way to get information directly from people’s brains, surveys are one of the main tools we have. How can we maximize our chances of getting good information using survey technology?

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How many is enough? The quest for an acceptable survey response rate

How many people do I need to survey? That’s the most common question I get as a researcher. The answer, unfortunately, is not simple.

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