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From newbie to pro: Building worker expertise

It would be nice to bring on workers who were already peak performers, but everyone needs time to get up to speed. Previously, we looked at how to determine where workers are. Now we will look at what you can do to move them along toward expert status.


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From newbie to pro: Discovering the level of worker expertise

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring on workers who were already peak performers? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen. Even experienced professionals will need to learn how things are done at your organization before they can get fully up to speed. For younger workers and those changing careers, the learning curve is steeper. So, what can you do to recognize where on the learning curve someone is?

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Professional Development in the 21st Century: A world of options

Those of us who are old enough to have gone to the original “old school” can unintentionally limit ourselves when it comes to professional development sources. We may miss out on great learning opportunities that are available, affordable and take advantage of 21st century technology familiar to members of Generation Y.

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