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Are you really ready to embrace diversity?

Diversity in the workplace is a lot more than more interesting potluck lunches. It’s about the different values and perspectives that people with different cultural values and experiences bring to the workplace. While that can add strength to decisions, it also can lead to conflict and challenges for an organization’s leadership. Having a plan can help.


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Consultation and collaboration in change management

Lately, I’ve started to wonder if I’m the only one bothered by people treating different words as if they are interchangeable. This season, it’s collaboration, consultation and communication. In the realm of change management, choose the wrong action at your peril.

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From newbie to pro: Building worker expertise

It would be nice to bring on workers who were already peak performers, but everyone needs time to get up to speed. Previously, we looked at how to determine where workers are. Now we will look at what you can do to move them along toward expert status.

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From newbie to pro: Discovering the level of worker expertise

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring on workers who were already peak performers? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen. Even experienced professionals will need to learn how things are done at your organization before they can get fully up to speed. For younger workers and those changing careers, the learning curve is steeper. So, what can you do to recognize where on the learning curve someone is?

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Policies, procedures and job descriptions: Maintaining a good fit

Even though January is a few months off, many of us think of September as the start of the new year. Along with back-to-school shopping, this is a good time to make sure your organization has everything it needs for a fresh start after summer vacations. Children and organizations both grow over time; just as children outgrow clothes, organizations outgrow policies, procedures and job descriptions. The traditional pencil case of my youth needed new technology each school year—pencils, erasers (especially erasers), paper and, eventually, a protractor and compass. For organizations, technology that once worked well may no longer be up to the job.

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Communicating change to fellow humans

Change scares most people. This is true even if the change is supposed to make their lives better, largely because humans approach change from a risk perspective more often than a benefits perspective. They are more concerned with what can go wrong, rather than what can go right. So when it comes to organizational change, internal communication has to be done right to avert disaster.

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Management is neither leadership nor supervision

Last year I was asked to develop online training with separate units on supervision, management and leadership skills. My first (silent) reaction was, “There’s tons already out there.” As I checked out the available training, I discovered that most either combined supervision with management, or management with leadership. But they’re not the same, even though the same person may carry out all three roles.

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